Instructor Resources

Teaching Strategies


  • Active learning in large lectures
  • The flipped (and semi-flipped) classroom
  • Effective writing assignments
  • Effective group work

Resources at UCI


  • Student privacy and FERPA regulations
  • Using the UCI learning management systems
  • Important dates and deadlines

Teaching with Technology


  • Improving in-class interactions
  • Effective pre-class assignments
  • Screencasting best practices
  • Clicker best practices

Teaching in Large Lectures


  • How students learn
  • The benefits of active learning
  • The benefits of a high-structure classroom

Resources for Online and Hybrid Teaching


  • Best practices for online and hybrid classes
  • Screencasting tools
  • Creating videos that utilize handwriting

Evidence of Effective Teaching

small weller

  • Creating examples for AP review for faculty
  • Ideas for the “second piece of evidence,” including syllabi and teaching inventories
  • Resources for individuals and departments for peer review of teaching